A Dedication To Our Nanna

 Debra Jean Frischkorn LOVED being a Nanna. She adopted MANY "children and grandchildren" throughout her lifetime, and poured all of her love into every single person she encountered. But there was NOTHING that she LOVED MORE IN THIS ENTIRE WORLD than being OUR Nanna (coffee and cigarettes were a close 2nd). She thrived on making our dreams and wishes come true..whatever they were, big or small, she made it happen!! 
  Nanna was the G.O.A.T  She wanted to watch us grow and flourish. She was dedicated to making sure it happened. Because of that, Her dedication is the base of our Business Model. She would be "tickled pink" (as she would say) to see how much joy starting this business has brought to me and these girls, She would be even more so honored and over the moon to know that all of this was for her.
  I started Nanna Roo's as a dedication and tribute to my Nanna who passed away in 2019. I spent many sleepless nights envisioning the perfect way to Honor such a wonderful woman, who didn't get the proper goodbye. When I decided to launch my Boutique, I envisioned it being a full family "One Stop Shop", just like her home was. However, it has become so much more.  My goal is to always put Family NEEDS and Our Customers FIRST!!! Money will get us through financially, but FAMILY will stick with us through a lifetime..No matter who you were Nanna captured your soul and stuck with you until she took her last breath. That's my goal here at Nanna Roo's. No matter who you are, or what your style is. You can find ANYTHING here, and I want to keep you coming back for more!
  So, because of that.. It meant alot to me to not only find Unique & Limited Wholesale Companies, but also Independent Designers, Artist, and other small businesses that offer products & services. I wanted to build a business that didn't just focus on women or little girl’s clothing, but something for the ENTIRE FAMILY on every level!! I chose not only Big business wholesalers, but I felt in my heart to search for as many SMALL BUSINESSES AS I COULD! Family mattered MOST to my Nanna above ANYTHING in this WORLD. It didn’t matter where you came from and I never want to stop pouring that type of love into OTHERS!
WE DID IT!!!!!!
  • 🖤 From the bottom of my heart thank every person who has HELPED US make Nanna Roo's what it is in just a short amount of time!!!
  1. ♥️THANK YOU to our customers for helping me make this Dream a Reality with every new order. && to every returning customer who gave us a chance, and then fell as hard for these collections as we did! YOU MADE THIS HAPPEN!! You did! You all made my dreams come true. And I couldn't have more gratitude in my life for each order that passes through my hands and into yours.
  2. ♥️THANK YOU to the people who have helped me prep, create, and launch Nanna Roo's and all your help for me to get this far. You knew I could! Even when I wanted to throw in the towel, because I didn't know if my heart could handle it.
  3. ♥️THANK YOU to our Designers & Crafters who inspired my 9 year old to create again. She's currently teaching herself to sew, and I haven't seen her smile like this is so long. You guys are the REAL MVP's for that one.😭
  4. ♥️THANK YOU to all the vendors/wholesalers/and suppliers for trusting in this new business owner who "knew nothing" but had a vision, and kept sending you request after request to do business until you said YES!! My loyalty to you all -like my pestering persistence- is endless. I knew what I invisioned and none of this would have felt right without each and every one of your products coming together as a whole. So, thank you all for saying yes..and not blocking me!🤣
  5. ♥️Lastly, THANK YOU to every person who has listened to me as I collected myself in the middle of explaining the Nanna Roo's Wild Boutique story, and why this is so important to my Family. This Dedication and Tribute to our Nanna means more to us than you will ever Know! Because of you all, we get a little piece of her back, and we desperately needed that. XoXo

♥️♥️ There are soo many other things and people I am so unconditionally thankful for. Because, none of this would be possible without any of them! But, I felt these were a few I needed to be extra thankful for as I took a break from prepping/shipping orders.
Again, thank you all. And I cannot wait to see where this amazing journey takes us.
We love you Nanna,
- "Roo"
  • Also, #SaveTheChildren #EndCPSChildTrafficking